The Pancharevo region is famous for its mineral springs which date back to Thracian and Roman times. The mineral water from Pancharevo is characterized as hyperthermal, weakly mineralized, hydrocarbonated, containing calcium-magnesium. The water is particularly suitable for the treatment of joint, urological, gynecological, and neurological diseases, and it is also the only water in the country which can be consumed by little children and babies, as it is low in sodium but contains a lot of calcium and magnesium which are beneficial for the bone system of adolescents. Due to its high temperature, the water can be consumed after pre-cooling. The Pancharevo public bath is a major attraction, as it is the only functioning municipal bath in the Sofia region.


Sports and entertainment complex “Korali” is located in immediate proximity to the hotel, it operates all year round and has two mineral water pools, SPA center, saunas, and steam baths. Water sports enthusiasts can shake off the daily stress and pressure by sailing in paddle-boats, boats, or indulging in their fishing hobby. For the guests of the hotel who love cycling, we offer bike rentals and a suitable bike route with a length of 8,000 meters, along the panoramic alley of Lake Pancharevo. The three eco-trails in the region are a pleasant and healthy means of recreation:

Eco-trail “Lozen Mountain” has a total length of 11 km. It is suitable for organized tours of student groups, family outings, cyclists, and everyone who wants to get away from the big city. The pavilions for recreation among nature are wonderful places for your picnic with loved ones.

Eco-trail “Lake Pancharevo” is one of the first tourist routes in the Lozen Mountain. It starts at the end of German village from the wall of the lake, enters the mountain, and follows the by-pass road above Lake Pancharevo. The route has a length of 3.5 km. Here you can enjoy the gorgeous views of the Vitosha and Plana Mountains, Sofia, and all of Pancharevo. Several places for recreation and relaxation are located along the route. The track is suitable for walks and mountain biking.

Eco-trail “Bistritsa” has a length of 5 kilometers. It connects the region of Bistritsa village with Kokalyane village and leads to the “Urvich” fortress. The medieval fortress is located in the Lozen Mountain. It was most probably built in the 9-10th century, but is most often mentioned during the Second Bulgarian Empire in the 13-14th century. The “Urvich” fortress, together with the Pancharevo Monastery “Saint Nikola”, the fortress church “Saint Iliya”, and the nearby Kokalyane Monastery “Saint Archangel Michael” form the “Urvich” fortress-monastery complex, which is part of the Sofia Holy Mountain.